Energy saving tips – how to use less electricity at home?

electricity saving tips save energy at home

Electricity charges are one of the basic rules that every family regulates every month. With unreasonable farming, parents with two children can spend a lot on a monthly basis. Fortunately, there are several proven patents that will significantly reduce this cost.

In this article, we advise you on how to easily save electricity. It turns out that small changes are enough to save significantly. We encourage you to read and put into practice at least some of the listed tips.

How to save electricity?

Many people complain about high electricity bills – this is one of the main “eaters” of our money. We are often not aware that electricity consumption and expenses can be reduced in several ways:

Turn off electronic devices if you are not using them

This is one of the most important rules regarding energy bills, which we often forget. For chargers for telephones, printers or televisions, it is not enough to simply turn off the device by pressing the button, because then it only goes into standby mode and can still consume significant amounts of energy. A better way is to actually pull the plug out of the socket, or connect the equipment to a surge protector (it has several sockets and you can cut off the power supply with one button).

Change energy supplier or negotiate a contract

Very household can change its supplier at any time to one that offers better conditions. Another way to get a lower energy bill is to choose a different tariff. Be careful of all promotions – we will most often encounter a lower rate for 1 kWh, but the fees for energy transmission (distribution) may be higher, so our bill will not be lower!

Replace the bulbs with energy-saving ones

Ordinary light bulbs are cheaper, but the energy-saving version in the long run can help us save on lighting. Remember, however, that these types of bulbs consume the most energy when turned on, so if we leave the room for a short time, we should not turn off the light.

Use daylight

Natural light sources can easily brighten rooms in an apartment, so use daylight for as long as possible. Let’s take care not to block windows with large items or flowers, so that as much sun as possible can fall into the room.

Replace household appliances with energy-saving appliances

The fridge is the only device in the house that works without interruption and we often do not attach importance to how much electricity it can use. It is worth replacing the outdated equipment with new and energy-saving (preferably energy-saving class A +++ or A ++), and our annual energy consumption will certainly decrease.

Use spot lighting instead of ceiling lighting

When we read a book or watch TV, we do not need strong lighting. Instead, it is better to use smaller standing lamps or bedside lamps that brighten the room enough.

Replace the kettle with a traditional one

Electric kettles can use too much energy, especially when cooking in them uneconomically. If our stove is powered by natural gas, you should think about a traditional kettle (gas is still cheaper than electricity).

Cook smaller amounts of water

If you have an electric kettle, pour as much water as you need (more water = higher energy consumption).

Put the computer into sleep / hibernation

If you leave the computer for a long time, it does not need to draw full power. You can put the device into hibernation mode, thanks to which the power consumption will be lower, and the computer will soon return to its original settings after waking up. To further increase the scale of savings, you can replace a desktop computer with a laptop, which, because of the much smaller power supply, consumes much less electricity.

Try outdoor lighting with a sensor

When we decide to illuminate our home from the outside, an interesting solution is motion-responsive installation (often used in staircases). The light comes on when someone passes and then goes out. This is quite an interesting and economical way to notoriously forget about extinguishing external lights.

Saving on electricity

The above tips may not be revolutionary, but their use brings measurable savings effects. It is enough to change some habits and habits, e.g. pulling the charger out of the socket or rational boiling of water in an electric kettle. At the beginning we will certainly make mistakes, but after some time new solutions will become everyday life and our energy bills will be noticeably lower.

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