Organic bananas – are eco bananas better than regular ones?

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Bananas are very popular these days. In general, they are now more popular than apples and pears in many homes. They are tasty and above all healthy, which is why it is one of the main snacks of athletes. We eat bananas at home, at work, at school almost everywhere. Want to know why you should buy organic BIO bananas, how are they different from bananas from traditional crops? You will know the answers to these questions in a moment.

Organic bananas widely available

Nowadays, organic food is becoming more and more popular. Products such as organic bio bananas on store shelves no longer surprise anyone today. Although just a few years ago their presence seemed to be only a short-lived and empty fashion, which many have verified over the years. In the case of products such as organic bio bananas, it is already known today that it is not only about being fashionable. It is about something more.

The popularity of such products can be safely said, it is growing day by day. Regardless of which store we go to, whether it is a large market belonging to a large retail chain, or maybe a small neighbourhood store in which a person with whom we have known each other for many years works has certainly noticed in recent years more and more often appearing departments referred to as “Organic products“.

Organic bio bananas do not have chemistry

In the case of products labelled as organic, such as organic bio bananas, we are sure that we are buying a product that from the earliest stages of development was bred or produced without the addition of any chemistry. Just one hundred percent natural methods. During the production of organic products, no cheaper, more easily available, or slightly more effective chemical and artificial substitutes are used. Their operation, appearance, smell and taste are owed to 100% pure nature. Hence we as consumers are sure that buying an organic product we are actually dealing with a one hundred percent natural product. Organic production must be based on a lot of top-down norms and rules imposed on the producer. All rules are normalized and specified in various legal acts, which clearly tells us that there is no room for even the slightest fraud during organic production.

Organic bananas better than ordinary?

When shopping, buying bananas, we rarely think about where they come from, and it’s not about the country, but about crops. As you probably know, we can distinguish traditional crops and ecological crops, i.e. those that are definitely more environmentally friendly and above all our health. Do you know the difference between fruits from these crops? The most important, of course, focuses on the nutritional values ​​that to some extent affect our health.

BIO bananas are bananas from organic farming. In this case, the fruits are grown according to strict rules, farmers cannot use any pesticides or chemicals to grow them, it can be safely stated that everything is in harmony with nature. That is why organic bananas contain many vitamins and minerals – which ones? We will tell you about it in a moment, but now we will return to bananas from crops, where the use of various chemicals is allowed.

These fruits are practically worthless and even harmful. Non-eco bananas are saturated with chemistry, which, when getting into our body, causes more harm than good. It is the chemistry contained in the products we consume is one of the factors responsible for the emergence of civilization diseases, including cancer.

Why is it worth eating bananas?

You already know that organic BIO bananas are healthier. Now we will tell you more about the vitamins and minerals contained in them. Bananas are known primarily for their high potassium content, which affects the kidneys and regulates blood pressure. Potassium also has a positive effect on the muscles and the brain! In addition, in bananas, you will find vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B6. Minerals which are in the bananas are: iron, manganese, folic acid, selenium, zinc and magnesium.

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