Thermal insulation – what are the benefits?

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Building insulation is a big investment, but the reimbursement is very quick, because good insulation brings many benefits. It is because of the numerous benefits that it is worth considering the insulation of an old building, and when building a new house, add the price of insulation to the estimated cost of the entire construction.

Advantages of making insulation

The basic benefits of home insulation are primarily a decrease in heating costs, reduced emissions of pollutants released into the environment, improved room microclimate, better tightness reducing drafts, better vapor permeability protecting the house against mold and fungal growth, higher value of the house on the real estate market, better facade appearance . The above are just some of the positives that appear shortly after applying the insulation layer. All the advantages are even more, and therefore at a glance you can see that the investment should pay off.

Energy efficiency improvement

Every time we read about home insulation, the slogan “energy saving” appears. Applying a layer of polystyrene or mineral wool on the walls of the house is supposed to bring one basic effect – reduce the need for energy needed to heat the house. So at home it should be warmer in winter, and in summer the walls are not to heat up too much. This means that the costs that the residents have incurred so far for heating fuel can be significantly reduced. In addition, energy saving will not only reduce heating expenses, but also change the energy class of real estate. This means that the property will become more expensive on the market and more desirable by potential buyers.

Energy efficiency of the house is a prerequisite for proper insulation and ensuring that it is in all recommended places. Lowering the costs of operating a house can be obtained the fastest after insulating external walls and laying an additional thermal insulation layer on the flat roof. This is justified because the walls, windows, roof and basement, i.e. all building envelope, are responsible for heat loss. Good insulation preparation – proper substrate preparation, high quality insulation materials, properly selected insulation technology – these are the basic elements that should be taken into account when deciding to carry out work. In addition, it is important to choose insulation materials that have the appropriate approvals, as well as pay attention to the expertise of the selected construction team. You must always remember that the insulation of the house is done for years, and the investment in it is to be more than paid off, which is why it is worth taking care of the smallest detail of its implementation.

Isolation and ecology

Every household emits carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which adversely affects our natural environment. Carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by installing adequate building insulation that will reduce energy consumption, and thus reduce heating consumption, i.e. the consumption of non-renewable energy sources. In addition, sources of savings and pro-ecological opportunities can also be sought at other stages of building and finishing the building. It is even worth paying attention to ventilation, which ensures an appropriate microclimate in domestic rooms, and which depends on both well-made insulation and the choice of air-tight windows and doors.

Nice facade and aesthetics of the building

The insulation of the house usually consists in attaching a layer of thermal insulation (polystyrene) to the base (wall), using glue and fasteners, the location of the reinforcing layer with a fiberglass mesh and covering everything with a layer of selected plaster. Carrying out this type of work allows for very nice, colorful and fresh facades. In new homes, the facade is always clean and aesthetic, because they are new. In old houses, while insulation will not only improve the comfort of life, but will also give the building a completely new image.

The above arguments in favor of building insulation are just a drop in the sea of ​​benefits that comes to investors who decide to invest and do the work. In addition, home insulation is a big step into the future, which will also pay off for future generations, which is why it is worth moving forward.

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