Organic food – is eco food the food of the future?  

organic food - fresh and healthyvegetables

The functioning of the control and certification system in organic farming is the basic guarantee for the consumer that the foodstuffs on the market have been produced in accordance with applicable regulations on organic farming.

Organic food is high-quality food obtained from plant or animal products that are produced in the organic farm system, i.e. one that avoids the use of chemical plant protection products, artificial fertilizers, growth regulators, feed additives. These are safe products, rich in nutrients, containing more vitamins, minerals and other valuable ingredients than products obtained in a conventional way. They do not provide any toxic chemicals and are a guarantee of a good, natural taste, free of additives such as flavor enhancers.

It is worth emphasizing that organic food is produced without the use of genetically modified organisms and is not exposed to ionizing radiation. These are also products whose negative impact on the environment is maximally limited or completely eliminated.

What standards are applicable to farming farm?

Organic production is a farm management system that combines the most beneficial practices for the environment, a high degree of biodiversity, protection of natural resources, ensuring animal welfare and the use of natural production methods. The organic farm controls the entire production method, not just the final product. The quality of products depends on both environmental conditions and the way they are made.

Who should choose organic food?

Organic food is currently the only way not to consume synthetic chemicals and artificial additives. Natural, organic products are intended for all people, regardless of age, gender or diet. They are suitable for everyone and everyone should be convinced of their beneficial effects. Organic food should be given primarily to children.

Is organic food “healthy food”?

Colloquially, the term “organic food” is often used interchangeably with the term “healthy food”. Organic food is referred to as “healthy food” because of the way it is produced. Organic food is food produced by organic farming methods, without the use of pesticides and artificial fertilizers. While organic food defines certified and properly labeled food, “healthy food” is basically just a name created for marketing purposes and not imposing any specific standards. Products in the category “healthy food” do not have to meet the production standards appropriate for organic food.

Why choose organic food?

In the modern world, for food to contribute to our health, it must have the highest biological value and we will receive such raw materials and products only from certified organic farming. Only food grown organically or obtained from animals that have been bred in humane conditions can guarantee that our body will absorb the ingredients it needs in excellent quality – for our health.

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