Energy comparison – find the cheapest electricity and gas supplier in the UK

energy suppliers comparision online uk

Electricity and gas bills are a constant expenditure on the budget of every household in the UK. There are many suppliers of electricity and gas on the British market, and their prices are different. Choosing the cheapest basic media supplier can save up to several hundred pounds per year. Changing the electricity and gas supplier is usually limited to filling out a simple form, and the whole procedure takes a few minutes. That is why it is worth checking if we can have cheaper electricity and gas in our region than with the current supplier. At that moment, the MoneySuperMarket electricity and gas price comparison tool is helpful! It is worth mentioning that using the comparison tool is completely free and does not oblige you to anything!

Electricity and gas price calculator in the UK

In our today’s guide we present an excellent tool which is the MoneySuperMarket comparison tool. The website presented is one of the most popular and at the same time most visited on the British market. On the pages of the MoneySuperMarket website you will find a tool that allows you to compare electricity and gas prices with various service providers in our region. The electricity and gas prices calculator allows you to know the rates in the event that we decide only to change the supplier of one of the utilities (electricity or gas), or both at the same time (Dual Fuel). In the event of a change of electricity and gas supplier, we can also count on the best promotions and the highest savings per year.

Energy suppliers comparison – why is it worth using?

There are many benefits to using price comparison for gas and electricity. Certainly one of the most important reasons to use the calculator is the very fact that electricity and gas prices can vary significantly depending on the supplier. The comparator will check the electricity and gas prices for almost all suppliers operating in a given region within a few moments. Providing current consumption, we will also learn how much we can save on bills per year. Performing the calculation is completely free and does not oblige you to anything, so it’s worth spending a few moments to compare offers. With the MoneySuperMarket comparison engine, cheap electricity and gas in the UK are at your fingertips!

Price comparison for electricity and gas in the UK

If you have not changed the supplier of electricity and gas for a long time, it is worth using the calculator located on the pages of MoneySuperMarket. Electricity and gas prices change very often, and promotions offered by individual suppliers allow for very large savings. From the survey conducted among the clients of the MoneySuperMarket comparison engine in March 2018, we find out that the average annual saving on electricity and gas is £ 250! Depending on the consumption, the scale of savings can be much larger!

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