Electric cars – what are the pros and cons of an electric car?

electric cars pros and cons

Electric cars are an ecological alternative to combustion vehicles. They are becoming more common, however, many people are not convinced that this solution is good. What advantages and disadvantages should be pointed out in their case? It is worth paying attention to this aspect, because contrary to advertising encouraging the use of electric vehicles, they also have disadvantages. Among them are such elements as a limited number of access points, which are chargers for electric cars, high costs of buying a vehicle, a small number of repairs such cars and other aspects. When considering buying such a car, you need to pay attention to all aspects related to it, so as not to regret the decision.

Electric car – cares about the ecological aspect and safety

An important advantage of such vehicles is ecological operation, because such a vehicle does not contribute to emissions of pollutants into the environment. This is a very important aspect due to the increasing air pollution. Caring for our planet is a crucial issue that must not be forgotten. What’s more, such a car is safer in an accident because there is no risk of explosion.

Electric car – convenience and low operating costs

The electric vehicle is less emergency. There is no need to change filters or oil here. Just charge the vehicle using the electric car charger. Moving such a vehicle is a great pleasure. It should be emphasized that the work of such a car is extremely quiet. You can’t forget about the costs. Rising fuel prices can give the driver a headache. Therefore, the stability of electricity costs can be beneficial. What’s more, the costs will be even lower when we use an alternative energy source, such as solar panels, for example.

Electric car – high price

The disadvantage of this type of vehicles is their high price. Many drivers cannot afford the expense of nearly one hundred thousand zlotys. Expenses do not end there, because you need additional devices such as chargers for electric cars for use in home conditions or special cables that can be connected to a household outlet. It is an expense of up to several thousand zlotys. People who cannot afford such a car have to wait for the time when they will be cheaper. Given the growing popularity of such vehicles will come about in the next few years.

Electric car – what do vehicle users complain about?

Electric cars are extremely comfortable to use, however, only at short distances. Fully charging the battery allows you to travel from 100 to 200 kilometers. What’s more, this option is only provided that the radio and air conditioning are turned off. It should also be emphasized that in Poland chargers for electric cars are still rare. Low temperatures mean that energy consumption is definitely higher.

Electric cars are not so emergency, however, it is a device, so it is known that one day it will break down. There are still few services in Poland that can service the owners of electric vehicles. People living in small towns must then transport the car to a distant place even by several hundred meters.

The quiet operation of the car is treated as a fault by some drivers. Cyclists and pedestrians often have difficulty seeing a car that does not contribute to making loud noises. Therefore, the driver of such a vehicle must be especially careful. When electric cars become more common, the situation on Polish roads will change.

Electric car – who is the best solution for?

The driver must have sufficient funds. What’s more, it must be a person for whom the issue of environmental pollution is not without significance, driving comfort is important. A person who thinks about such a solution should not complain about chargers for electric cars, which are few in our country. In Poland, such features have quite a small group of people.

It should be emphasized, however, that probably prices of electric cars will be cheaper and thus will become more common.

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