Domestic wind turbines – are home windmills worth it?

wind turbine for home domestic use windmill energy

Domestic wind farms are still a novelty in Poland. However, more and more people are interested in renewable energy sources and are looking for the best way to allocate their savings. Therefore, it is worth finding out how wind turbines work and what are the advantages of home wind farms.

Domestic wind turbines are relatively simple structures. Electricity is generated in a generator driven by the rotor blades. In domestic conditions, power plants with a horizontal axis of rotation of the rotor are most often used.

What is a home wind farm made of?

The key design element of a simple home power plant is the rotor. It usually consists of one, two or three lobes. It is the three-blade rotors that are most often used in this type of construction. The wind turbine is responsible for obtaining electricity from gusts of wind. The generator, in turn, converts the kinetic energy of the rotor’s rotation into electricity. It should be well matched to the turbine specification, as the optimal interaction of both these elements ensures greater efficiency of the wind power plant. The generator should produce the rated voltage during the optimal operating speed of the wind turbine. A standard generator can take the form of a generator or an alternator.

What should be the capacity of a domestic wind farm?

The installation cost of a professional 20 kW wind farm is very high. That is why most investors choose small wind turbines with a capacity of 500 W. They are quiet and efficient at the same time. They are sufficient to power some devices with lower energy consumption (e.g. entrance gate or surveillance camera). In turn, power plants with a capacity of 1000 W can support the heating of domestic hot water or power lighting. They also often power basic household appliances. 5 kW turbines are professional wind turbines. These types of powerful power plants can in many cases be a self-sufficient source of energy for an average-sized house.

Advantages of a wind farm

The biggest advantage of wind farms is clean work. Power plants do not contribute to increasing environmental pollution. In addition, the wind is a renewable energy source, and therefore it is not necessary to use other fuels for transport and extraction. It is worth mentioning that electrons are often installed on land that is additionally used as agricultural land. The competitiveness of energy generated by windmills continues to increase and the cost of the acquisition remains stable. The simplicity of construction and ease of use are also important.

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